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SCR888 / 918Kiss APK | 918Kiss APK | Download The Upgraded Version Now

918Kiss APK

The online casino industry in Malaysia is growing rapidly since the introduction of the smartphone in this country. Many online casinos have launched online casino apps which can be downloaded and played on the mobile device. As long as you have a smartphone with the internet connection, you will be able to download all kinds of online casino apps. 918Kiss APK is one of the most popular online casino downloads in the market at the moment.

What Is 918Kiss APK?

It is the 918Kiss app download format for Android Phone. In Malaysia, there are many Android Phone users. The number of Android Phone User is much higher than the iPhone User. Android Phone in Malaysia also come with different brands such as MI, Huawei, Samsung, Oppo, Sony and etc. When you have a smartphone under one of these brands, you will be able to download 918Kiss APK to your phone without any issue. You can get 918Kiss APK download at the 918Kiss official download website.  The download process is free. The download instruction is available at the site as well. Please ensure your phone has enough space when you download the app.

For iPhone User

For iPhone user, you cannot download the 918Kiss APK to your mobile device. The 918Kiss APK only supports Android Phone. Therefore, if you are an iPhone user, you need to look for 918Kiss iOS download file. It only supports iPhone 5 and above. The download and installation process is available at the site as well. The steps are pretty similar to Android Phone download and installation steps. However. there is one step extra for iPhone installation process. Basically, after installing the app on your phone, you need to go to phone setting to verify the 918Kiss app under the security section.

Upgrade Version Of 918Kiss

Many players have claimed that there is actually an upgraded version of 918Kiss APK on the market. In my personal opinion, the upgrade version of 918Kiss actually embedded on the official download website. Hence, when you downloaded the 918Kiss APK now from the official website, you are actually downloading the upgraded version of the app. Whether you are iPhone user or Android Phone user, the upgraded version of 918Kiss is actually available for download at the official website now. The download process for upgraded version is free as well.

The Features Of 918Kiss Upgraded Version

Based on my personal experience, there are actually a few features have been improvised in the upgraded version. Firstly, the winning odds in most of the games have become higher. I am able to win more easily nowadays in the 918Kiss app. It applies mainly to slot games and table games. When you play in the slot game, it is very easy for you to hit the bonus feature in the game.

Secondly, the game-play has become smoother nowadays. When you play in the app last time, you might experience some game lag issue. In the upgraded version, the game-play does not have any game lag issues anymore.  Thirdly, there are more types of free credits offered in the app. The new free credits added to the app are Anniversary Free Credit, Player Birthday Free Credit and etc. The players can claim these free credits from their trusted agents. Please take note that you need to pay a deposit in order to get these free credits. Besides, the free credit cannot be cashout.

Fourthly, you can now download the upgraded version to other IT device other than the mobile phone. These IT devices are PC and tablet. You just need to install the emulator called NoxPlayer to your IT devices before you download the app. Furthermore, there are rumors that this upgraded version can be hacked. Some of the players have managed to hack the app and sell the hacking software to others. Whether this is true or not, it is no harm giving it a try. However, you should be careful when you purchase the hacking software through online. Do not buy the fake hacking software and being scammed.


Whether the upgraded version or non-upgraded version, this app still offers a wide selection of casino games to the players. Besides, it is also one of the most generous online casinos in Malaysia in terms of winning payout. Download it now and get rich immediately!



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