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918Kiss Download iOS

The 918Kiss Download iOS is the leading online casino platform in Malaysia. Most of the online casino players have been playing in this app. The status of 918Kiss in online casino industry is similar to the status of Coca-Cola in the soft drink industry. With the existence of 918Kiss online casino, many casino players have switched from playing in the land-based casino to play in the online casino app. Players can download the app on the mobile device for free and start playing at any time they like. The 918Kiss Download iOS is the most downloadable version of all the 918Kiss download versions. 918Kiss Download iOS caters for players who are using iPhone, iPad Air, and iPad Mini. In this article, we will share all the info that you need to know about 918Kiss Download iOS version and the latest updates of it.

Where To Get 918Kiss Download iOS

Before we start sharing the info about the 918Kiss Download iOS, it is important to know where to get this download file. The download file is only available at the official download site of 918Kiss. Do not download the file from fake websites, which can harm your mobile device and leak out your personal data. If you are not sure where is the official download site, you can access the link below.

918Kiss Download

918Kiss Register

Before you download it, please make sure that you have enough storage space on your phone. Besides, make sure you have a stable internet connection on your phone. It will be a waste of time and be wasting your storage space when there is a loss of internet connection on your phone when you are in the midway of the downloading process. After you have downloaded and installed the app on your phone, remember to go to phone security setting to verify the app in the setting. This step only applied to Apple products. The download and installation process takes less than 15 minutes and no complicated steps involved at all.

Known Facts About 918Kiss Download iOS Version

When you are playing in the iOS version, you will definitely notice that the game loading time is much shorter compared to the Android Version. This is simply because this app is more compatible with the Apple products. Even the game-play in the app is smoother on iPhone compared to Android Phone. Besides, the app update time is much faster in iPhone as well. Some Android players may not be satisfied and feel that the 918Kiss company is being biased in this case. Therefore, the company backend team has fully committed to improving the performance of Android version as well to make it on par with the performance of iOS version.

Free Credits In iOS Version

When you join as a new player in the iOS version, the free credits given to you as an iPhone player is higher compared to free credits given to the Android players. Of course, you still need to pay a certain amount of deposit to claim the free credits. Besides, you will still get a free play account other than your own official account. This free play account allows you to enjoy all the games in 918Kiss without paying anything using your own money. All the credits in the free play account are virtual credits. You are unable to cash out these free credits.

Besides, there is one type of the free credit which only can be claimed by the iOS players. It is known as the iPhone Free Credits. This free credits will be available for all the iPhone players whenever there is a new launch of iPhone in the market. Other device players are not able to claim this free credits which are only exclusive for iPhone players.

918Kiss Download iOS Version For iPhone X and iPhone 8

We would like to share a good news to all the iPhone players here. The iOS Download version for iPhone X and iPhone 8 is available at the official download site now. It falls under the download category of iPhone 5 model and above. The download and installation steps are exactly same as the other iPhone model download and installation steps.  If you still yet to download the app to your iPhone X, wait no more, download it on the official download site and enjoy the fun and thrilling games in 918Kiss now!


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