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918Kiss free credit

There are many online casino platforms emerge in the Malaysia market in recent years. Hence, the online casino industry is getting more competitive in the market. There are different types of promotions offered by the online casino platforms to attract the players to join. These promotions are normally free download and register, free credits upon successful registration, free trial in the online casino games and etc. 918kiss online casino also gives out various types of promotions to the players. Among all the promotions, 918Kiss free credit is one of the most preferred promotions by the players.

There are many types of free credits available in the 918Kiss free credit system. Some of them are the welcome bonus, VIP free credits, high roller bonus, festive season bonus and etc. In order to get all these free credits, you need to be a 918Kiss player first. Please take note that you need to pay the deposit in order get these free credits. All the free credits can be used in any games in 918Kiss and are not allowed to cash out at any time.

How To Get The Free Credit

First of all, as mentioned above, you need to be a 918Kiss player before you can enjoy these free credits. Once you are a 918Kiss player, you can claim these free credits from the 918Kiss agent. Different types of free credit can be claimed on different period or requirements. For example, if you want to get the VIP credits, you need to be an active player in 918Kiss and consistently bet on a certain level of the amount in the games. For festive season free credits, you can only claim it during that particular festive period. Once the festive period has passed, you are unable to claim this type of free credit.

Players’ Experience On Using The Free Credits

There are more than 80% of the 918Kiss players are enjoying the free credits in 918Kiss. In this article, we will share out some of the players’ experience on the usage of the 918Kiss free credit.

The Welcome Bonus Is Useful For Me To Learn The New Games

Michael has just join 918Kiss for 1 month. He joined this app through the word of mouth from his friends who are already veteran players in the app. When he has successfully registered a new account, he received a generous amount of free credits from 918Kiss. As a new online casino player, he utilized the free credits to familiarize the games in 918Kiss. “I do not have a huge bankroll, in the beginning. So I use the free credits to play and test the game, as losing the game will not impact my bankroll. Thanks to the free credits, I managed to familiarize myself with many games and get to win some money in the end.”, he said. The free credits have helped him turn himself from a beginner to a veteran 918Kiss player. The amount of deposit for claiming the free credits is reasonable for him as well.

Accumulate The Free Credits To Bet Maximum In The Game

Susan is a veteran player in 918Kiss. Besides, she is also able to claim the VIP free credits occasionally as she is an active player in the app. “I always accumulate the free credits from 918Kiss, then I will use these free credits to go for the maximum bet in the game. The advantage of doing so is that it will not impact my bankroll when I lose in the game. When I win, I will get the massive winning payout from the game!”, she mentioned. This approach has helped her to build up her bankroll as well. Apparently, she managed to win a few thousand ringgit consistently from the app on monthly basis.

Use The Free Credits To Test Different Betting Strategies

Shawn is also another veteran player in 918Kiss. He likes to use the free credits to test out different betting strategies in the game. “Instead of using my own bankroll to try out different betting strategies, I will utilize the free credits to test my betting strategies. Once the betting strategy works, then I will apply it to the game by using my own bankroll. This approach has helped me to increase my winning odds significantly in the game.”, he said. Besides, he also likes the 918Kiss Free Credit System, as it offers many types of free credits and it is easy to claim them.


The 918Kiss Free Credit System has helped many players to achieve their goals in 918Kiss. Therefore, the company will continue to implement this system in the app in order to create a win-win situation for the players and the company.


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