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918Kiss Free Play

918Kiss Casino Online is one of the most famous online casino platforms in Malaysia. Over the years, this online casino platform has attracted many local online casino players as well as South East Asia casino players to join the game. It has offered numerous special features in the app. For example, the winning odds in the 918Kiss games are higher compared to other online casinos games. This indicates that players can win money much easier when they play in this app. Aside from that, there is also 918Kiss Free Play Account for the players to play without involving any real money. This account comes with free and players do not need to pay any deposit to get this free play account.

In the free play account, players can enjoy the same amount of games as they will get in the real account. Players cannot cash out the credits in the free play account because they are virtual credits. The free play account can provide an exciting gaming experience to the players without involving any real money.

How To Get 918Kiss Free Play Account

You need to download the app and register as a 918Kiss player before you can get the free play account. The download official site and steps can be obtained at the following link. For registration process, you can click the link below for more details. Once you have completed the download and registration, which takes about 20 minutes, you can get the free play account from the 918Kiss agent. Please take note that you are not supposed to share this free play account with other people. If you have finished the virtual credits, please inform the agent to top up more virtual credits for your free play account. When there are no virtual credits in the account, you are not supposed to continue to play in the account until the agent has topped up new virtual credits for you.

918Kiss Download

918Kiss Register

Pros & Cons Of 918Kiss Free Play

In this article, we will walk you through the pros and cons of 918Kiss Free Play.

Easy To Get

The free play account is extremely to get. You do not need to pay for anything to get the account. Besides, there is no complicated process involved in getting the free account. You can get it as long as you are a 918Kiss player. Furthermore, you can always get a new free play account when you are unable to log in to your current free play account.

Convenient To Play

You can always play the free play account on your mobile device. Therefore, you can play it at any time and anywhere you prefer.  You can always play the free play account at your home without any distractions from other people.

Excellent Platform For Game Testing

When you want to test the game-play without using your own money, the free play system is definitely your best choice.You can test play the app to help you to understand more about the game-play and game rules of the games. There is no credit limit on the free play account. You can play as many times as you can in the free play account.

Here are the con’s of the free play account experienced by the players

Laggy Issue

Several players have experienced the “laggy” issue in the free play account. Sometimes, it will occur frequently when players played too long in the free play account. It has interrupted the game flow and affects the player’s gaming experience.

Too Little Virtual Credits In Free Play Account

Some players have feedback that the amount of virtual credits in their free play account is too little. Therefore, they always need to contact the 918Kiss agent to top up credits for their free play account.

Lack Of Excitement In The Game

Some players would find the free play mode in 918Kiss boring. This is simply because there is no real money involved at all, players are just playing with virtual credits for all the time.

918Kiss Free Play In Future

Due to the high popularity of 918Kiss Free Play feature, the company has committed to improving this feature in the future in order to enhance the gaming experience in this free play mode.




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