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918kiss ios

Good news for all iPhone casino players, you can now play the most popular online casino, 918Kiss on your phone now! 918Kiss has launched the Android version in mid of last year. Now, the 918Kiss iOS version is available for download on the official website as well. As long as you have an iPhone with the internet connection, you can download this app at any time you like. The download and installation steps for 918Kiss iOS is available on the official website as well. Besides, 918Kiss iOS also can be downloaded to iPad Mini and iPad Air. The download and installation steps are same as well.

918Kiss iOS version allows the players to claim some free credits upon successful registration. This feature is the same when it comes to 918Kiss Android version. Besides, both version also offers the same amount of games for the players to play.

Difference Between 918Kiss iOS Version & Android Version

In this part of the article, we will share out the differences between the iOS and Android version. Based on the feedback from some of the active players in 918Kiss, there are several differences between these two versions.

iOS Version Smoother Game-Play

Many Android version players have noticed that the 918Kiss game-play in Android phone is not as smooth as iPhone version. Sometimes, the game-play will be a bit laggy when players play for a very long time in the app, using their Android phones. While in iPhone, this issue does not occur at all. Android version will also be laggy when the phone model is too old. There are several complaints from the old phone model users such as Samsung S3, Nokia Phone and etc on the smoothness of the game-play. Besides, the laggy issue will also occur in Android version when too many players play in the app at the same time. This issue occurs particularly during the weekend where many players will log in to their accounts and play in the games.

Different Types Of Free Credits Offered

As we all know that, both versions will get the welcome bonus from 918Kiss, there are certain types of free credits which only can be claimed in iOS version and certain types can be claimed in Android Version. For example, whenever there is a new model of iPhone launch in the market, 918Kiss will give out free credits to all iPhone players in conjunction with the new iPhone model launch. In this case, the Android players will not able to get this free credits.

Besides, the number of free credits offer to both version players could be different at times.  For example, 918Kiss offer free credits during Christmas period last year. The free credits for iPhone user are higher than the free credits for Android user.

Higher Winning Odds For iOS Version

In the iOS version, there are a few games which will give the higher winning odds to the players. The winning odds are higher than the winning odds in Android Version. These games are the table games such as Sicbo, Bacarrat, Blackjack and etc. No matter how much the players bet on these games, the winning odds will still be higher than the Android version winning odds.

Shorter Game Loading Time

Due to the smoothness of 918Kiss iOS version, the game-loading only requires a short time in the app. If you are an an-iPhone player who always updates the 918Kiss, the game-loading time will be even shorter. Therefore, always update your app when you are being informed to do so.

Players’ Feeback On 918Kiss iOS

Bryan is an iPhone player in 918Kiss. He was an Android player before. Due to the laggy issue in the Android version, he decided to play in the iPhone version. Ever since he changed to become iOS version player, he has better gaming experience in the app. “The game-play is extremely smooth.”, he said. Besides, his winning odds also become higher when he switches to iOS version. He managed to win few thousands consistently on monthly basis. Besides, he also can use iPad to play the app when his iPhone run out of battery.

Gary has been playing in 918Kiss iOS for quite some time. He loves the smooth game-play and short game-loading time in the iOS version. It does not interrupt his game flow which has helped him increase his winning chances in the game.


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