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SCR888 / 918Kiss Kiosk | Business Opportunity In 918Kiss Kiosk

918Kiss Kiosk

918Kiss is one of the most sought-after online casino platforms in Malaysia. It has created many success stories among the online casino players who play in the app. Many players have won massive money from playing this app. Hence, the number of 918Kiss online players is increasing significantly in recent years.  In order to service the increasing number of players, the company has been actively recruiting more 918Kiss agents. The 918Kiss agents can utilize 918Kiss Kiosk to provide service to their players. Players are not able to log in to 918Kiss Kiosk portal as it is a portal specifically for the agents to manage the players’ accounts.

How To Become 918Kiss Agent

First of all, you need to access to BigChoySun2 website and look for the 918Kiss Live Chat team. Then you will need to provide your personal details to them, such as name and contact number. After that, you just to need to wait for the update from them. Once they have confirmed the agent account registration, you will get the agent password and ID.  Then you can start to work as an agent.

What Do The Agents Do In 918Kiss Kiosk

Basically, the agent will provide many types of service to their players. One of the services will assist the player to top-up the credits in the player’s account. When a player wants to top up credit on their account, the agent should be able to help them to top up immediately. Besides, when the player needs to cash out their credits, the agent should assist them on this matter as soon as possible as well.

The agent needs to help the company to recruit new players. The agent will get the commission once they get to recruit new players. Therefore, the agent will get more commision if he gets to recruit more new players. Other than that, he needs to assist the player to register a new account. When the player wants to claim free credits, the agent will need to help on this matter as well.

Lastly, the agent will need to monitor the players’ accounts through the 918Kiss Kiosk. They need to make sure that the players’ accounts are at healthy status and not being hacked. Once they spot something wrong on the player’s account, they need to report immediately to the company.

The Advantages Of Becoming A 918Kiss Agent

Many 918Kiss players have changed to become 918Kiss Agents recently. There are plenty reasons behind this. One of the advantages of becoming a 918Kiss agent is the flexible working hours. Whether you choose to be a part-time agent or a full-time agent, the working hours are very flexible. You can work from anywhere you like. You just need to have a mobile phone with the internet connection.

Secondly, you will be able to get a stable extra income on monthly basis. Due to the high popularity of 918Kiss in Malaysia, the player base is huge in Malaysia. Hence, it is an easy task for the agents to recruit new players and keep them as active players. Hence the income of a 918Kiss agent is pretty stable. Besides, some agents treat this job as their own business. They have a big player base under their accounts and able to manage them effectively. In this case, they are getting a large amount of pay on the monthly basis. The company often see these agents as the partners rather than workers and will occasionally give out the bonus to these agents as a token of appreciation.

Can An Agent Become Player At The Same Time?

The answer is YES. Do not worry that you cannot enjoy the 918Kiss games once you become an agent. You will still able to register as a player and play in 918Kiss. In fact, the company actually encourage the agents to play in the 918Kiss app as well. This will allow the agents to understand the app more and able to describe to the players on the playing experience in the 918Kiss app. Some agents are able to get massive income from 918Kiss due to getting fix pay from agent job and winning money from playing the app.


If you are interested to be the 918Kiss Agent, do not hesitate to contact the 918Kiss Live Chat Personnel now. They are available at 24/7 to help you on this matter.


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