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918KISS test id

918KISS Test ID is the new feature available in the 918KISS app. Nowadays, there are many online casino platforms available in the Malaysia market. There are many types of unique features by the online casinos to attract more players to join them.  These features include various types of free credits, 100% cash out at any time, free download & register and etc. Among all the Malaysia online casino platforms, the 918KISS casino is the most popular casino. It is the only casino which offers the test ID feature to the players. In fact, many players benefit from this feature as well.

918KISS Test ID Definition

918KISS Test ID is actually a free account available in the 918KISS app. In this account, you will get unlimited free credits to play the games in 918KISS. All the credits are virtual credits. You do not need to pay money to get the free credits and just need to register as an 918KISS player to claim the free credits. You can click the links below for app download and registration.

The download and registration steps are available on the websites as well.  Upon successful registration, you can claim free credits from the 918KISS agents and get the test ID account from them as well. You need to pay a certain amount of deposit to claim the free credits but do not need to pay for the test ID account. The will be a certain amount of free credits in the account. You can use the credits to play in any games you want in 918KISS. Once you have finished the credits in the 918KISS test ID account, you can contact the agent to reload for you for free. However, you cannot to cash out the credits and transfer the credits to other accounts.  Your account will be confiscated if you do so.

918KISS Test ID Usage

This test ID account is a unique feature of 918KISS. It can be used by the players for different purposes. Since this account comes with free and unlimited credits, many players would like to have this account with them. In this section, we will share out how the players utilize this account.

A Platform To Test Different Betting Strategies

Many experienced players will use this test ID account to test out their betting strategies before they apply in the real game. Many of the betting strategies such as Martingale Strategy, Fibonacci Strategy, Reverse Martingale Strategy are being tested out by the players. Most of the players will use the test ID account to test the strategies on the table games such as Blackjack, Bacarrat, Poker and etc. Based on the feedback of a veteran 918KISS player, this platform has helped him to achieve consistent winning in the 918KISS games. He will spend one to two hours to practice his betting strategy in the test ID account before he applies it in the real game. There are even some players use this 918KISS test ID account as a practice platform and become professional casino players in the end.

A Platform To Understand The Game Rules

The test ID account can be a useful platform for the new players as well. They do not need to use their own money to test the games in 918KISS. They can always use this platform to understand the game rules and gameplay in a game first.  Once they have mastered the game rules, they can switch to play in the real game with their money. This will help to increase their winning odds in the game. Many new players like to use this platform to test the slot games, particularly the slot games with the progressive jackpot. This is also why there are many 918KISS gets to hit the progressive jackpot in the 918KISS slot games.

Free Play Without Using Own Money

For those players who just want to enjoy the games in 918KISS, this platform is the best choice for them. They can log in to this account and play the games that they like. They do not need to worry about losing money in the game as there is no real money involved at all. In some cases, this platform will give confidence to the players to play in the real account after many rounds of playing in the games.

918KISS Test ID Account Future Improvements

The company has announced on that they will include more new games in the test ID account and reduce the game loading time in this test ID account.

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