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918Kiss Test ID

For those players who newly join 918Kiss, “918Kiss Test Id” may be a strange term for them. This is because this term does not appear in the normal game-play of 918Kiss App. However, for those who have played the app for quite some time, this term is no longer a strange term for them. In fact, some of the players love this term very much! 918Kiss Test Id is simply a test account for the players to experience the game-play in 918Kiss without any real money involved. Players do not need to pay anything to get the test account. In the test account, all credits are virtual credits and cannot be cashed out.

How To Get A 918Kiss Test Id

To get a test id account, you need to become a 918Kiss member in the first place. The first step is that you always need to download and install the app on your mobile device. The official website for download and download steps is available at the link below. Once you have downloaded the app, register a free account from 918Kiss live chat personnel or from the 918Kiss agent. The entire process can be completed within 15 minutes.

918Kiss Download

918Kiss Register


Upon successful registration, you can get the test id account from the 918Kiss agent for free. Then, you can use the test id to log in to the account at any time you want. Please take note that even though the credits in the test id account are virtual credits, you still need to inform the 918Kiss agent to top up the virtual credits when you have finished up all the virtual credits in the account.

Why 918Kiss Test Id Popular Among The Veteran Players

For your info, 918Kiss Test Id is a unique feature offered by 918Kiss to the players. As there not many online casino platforms out there offer this type of free play feature to the players. Here are a few reasons on why many veteran players like this feature in 918Kiss.

A Free Play Account Which Comes With Free

Everyone loves free stuff. Since this test Id account is a free account, many players would love to have it as well. Besides, there is no pressure at all to play in the test Id account as it does not involve any real money at all. Furthermore, players can bet on any amount that they want in the game.

A Useful Platform To Test Out The Game

The test Id will be a useful platform for the new players to test out the games in 918Kiss. First of all, they do not need to use their own money to test the games in the app. Secondly, they can familiarize all the game-play and game rules in the games before they use their own money to play in their actual account. This will definitely help them to increase their winning odds in the games.

Test Out Betting Strategies In Test Id Account

Many veteran players utilize this platform to test out their betting strategies in the games. They will keep applying different betting strategies in the test account until they get the most suitable betting strategies for them. The moment they use these well-tailored strategies in the actual games, the winning chances will be higher compared to others and it will help them to achieve consistent winning in the game.

A Good Platform For Past Time Activity

For those players who do not have sufficient bankroll to play in the 918Kiss app but would like to experience the fun of the 918Kiss games, this test Id account is definitely the best choice for them. Some of the players who do not intend to play with real money will often play in the test id account in order to experience the fun of 918Kiss games.

Use The 918Kiss Test Id Account With Responsibly

 Since the account comes with free upon successful registration, you are advised to use this account with responsibly. Firstly, do not share this account with others.  918Kiss offer this feature to you as a token of appreciation, hence you should appreciate it and take care of this account. Secondly, do not try to hack this account. Once the company finds out this case, your test Id account will be confiscated and your actual account will be suspended for a certain period of time as well. Furthermore, you will not be able to get the test Id account anymore in the future. Therefore, do not waste this free 918Kiss feature by committing the irresponsible acts.


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