Download SCR888 Android APK, SCR888 iOS, or SCR888 2.0?

Which Way to Download SCR888?

Choosing which way to download SCR888 could be a daunting task. People usually feel confused about this. Before everything else, I think it’s important for you to understand the good and bad of each SCR888 game version.

To players, it might seem all the same. But It could matter in a way that winning payout is different for each game version. This is why you gotta choose wisely before you even start playing the slot games.

SCR888 Android APK

SCR888 Android APK is by far the most reliable SCR888 slot game version we have seen. Due to high demand for SCR888 Android APK, the SCR888 Malaysia Headquarter has put much efforts in optimizing this game version.

Nearly 90% of all SCR888 players use Android APK version. This could be attributed to the fact that Android smartphones are cheaper to buy, and also come with longer battery life. Do not forget such high quality slot gaming experience might easily drain up your phone battery.

Game server is also more stable in Android APK version. The SCR888 game developers usually update slot games in Android version before any other game version. As Android APK version players, you could probably always get the first hand game updates.

From historical statistics, Android APK tends to offer higher winning payout than other game versions. That means, it’s easier for you to win big in SCR888 slot games. This is what everyone wants. Who doesn’t, right?

Slot game layout seems to be more optimized on Android APK version. Of course, it’s always easier for game developer to build game application in Android way than iOS way. There is too much requirements that you gotta meet with Apple’s listing policy. Therefore, game layout is easier to be optimized in Android version too.

SCR888 iOS Version

Although not many people are using iPhones (as compared to Android phones), SCR888 iOS version is still way too important as not too many online gambling products have made their slot games iOS friendly.

Let’s put it this way, SCR888 iOS version is one of the highly iOS friendly mobile slot games in Malaysia. Most of the time, iPhone users have high potential to become big time player as their spending power is typically above average. This is one of the reasons lots of online gambling companies wanna capture iPhone gambling market.

As what we have mentioned just now, SCR888 iOS version might not be as good as Android version. Nonetheless, it has one of the safest online betting system in Malaysia. Its security firewall is strong. Strong enough to prevent any hacking activity from happening in SCR888 iOS version.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about game account getting hacked or whatsoever. You’re playing in one of the safest online gambling apps in the world.

SCR888 2.0 Version

SCR888 2.0? Sounds ridiculous? But it’s true. SCR888 2.0 Version is a copy version of the original SCR888. No one knows when SCR888 2.0 was launched, but it just all of sudden came to the market.

We’ve inspected all the mobile slot games in SCR888 2.0. Everything looks just the same as the original SCR888. Unfortunately, there could be a short delay when the original SCR888 has new game updated. Sounds reasonable, I bet SCR888 2.0 needs time to copy the new slot game too.

From what I’ve heard, winning payout in SCR888 2.0 is way lower than the original SCR888. This is good for SCR888 casino agents, but not for the players. Everyone wants to win big as SCR888 players. SCR888 2.0 is in favour of SCR888 agents, so that they will be more willing to promote this brand.

It looks like you shouldn’t really download SCR888 2.0 if you wanna win from SCR888 slot games. Nevertheless, you could also give it a try if you’re curious enough. Maybe you could be the 1 in 10 who can win from SCR888 2.0, who knows?



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