Hack MEGA888 in Android APK Smartphone

Is That Even Possible to Hack MEGA888?

To hack MEGA888? Many people doubted that, including myself. Until I see it with my own eyes.

Just like everyone else, I used to think that it’s impossible to hack MEGA888. I can’t imagine how one person can hack into a mobile slot games that are developed by hundreds of professional game developers.

Nevertheless, Andy changed the way I think. He is a professional slot game player for the past 10 years. Yes, his job is to bet on slot games everyday.

One of my friends introduced Andy to me last year. We were so clicked and keep chatting non-stop. All of sudden, he shared with me the secret to hack MEGA888. Now, sit back and listen to what I’m gonna share with you next.

Hacking Device That Cost You RM99 Only!

You can’t hack MEGA888 without the help of this device:

It is a 3rd generation slot game hacking device, pro slot game players used to call it Phantom 3. It’s commonly used to hack MEGA888, XE88, and also PUSSY888.

There is a mobile apps compatible to this hacking device, to be installed in your Android APK smartphones. Once the apps is installed, you can remote control the hacking device in the apps control panel.

You can control whatever you want in the control panel. For instance, you can set the maximum daily win amount (just in case online casino operators are suspicious about your consistent winning record) as you like. Or, you can also set for a windfall profits, which would be paid by the Random Jackpot from MEGA888.

And you know what? It ONLY COSTS YOU RM99! RM99 for unlimited win in MEGA888, who doesn’t want it? Unfortunately, only members from MEGA888 VIP club are allowed to purchase the hacking device at the moment. It’s really really difficult to join the VIP club.

Things to Know About Phantom 3

There are a few things you really wanna pay attention when using Phantom 3:

  • Be careful of counterfeit product. There is a lot of counterfeit version made in China, claiming that they can also hack MEGA888. It will only bring losses to you.
  • Make sure it is fully charged before hacking slot games. You definitely do not want its battery to die out during halfway. It will only affect your winning rate.
  • Use the hacking device with wisdom. Do not hack too aggressively. Online casino operators might not pay you for such a big win!

Well, now you have found out the secret about hacking MEGA888. Hope you can get your Phantom 3 one day to hack MEGA888. Good luck!

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