Hack MEGA888 on Android and IOS

It Ain’t Easy to Hack MEGA888

Why do people want to hack MEGA888? Some people are always seeking for loopholes in order to reap windfall profits. Just like the recent “wannacry” spyware that has created massive chaos in the world. All they want is just bitcoin as ransom. Let’s come back to MEGA888, it’s undoubtedly the hottest mobile slot game in Malaysia thus far. All eyes are being put on it.

As we all know, it’s pretty hard to make money from gambling over the long-term. Thus, people start to think about hacking the slot game. What I would tell is it ain’t as easy as you think.

MEGA888 has been in the market for many year. At least 10 years I guess. They’ve a large team of IT experts who develop, design, and improve the slot game infrastructure. I would say they hide themselves really really well. No one has any idea about who they are and what they do. They’re like shadows.

Some IT guys might think MEGA888 is gonna be easy to be hacked. That’s not true. Although its IT infrastructure seems a bit outdated on the surface, its security firewall is in fact quite strong. Outdated IT infrastructure is inherited from the older MEGA888 desktop version.

That’s gonna need a lot of skill if you’re thinking about hacking the game. How can you make it happen? Let me show you something.

Identify Your Smartphone Model

It’s important to know your smartphone before hacking the game. Typically, IOS operating system would have much stronger protocol and firewall compared to Android phones. As most developers know, it’s far harder to upload mobile apps on Apple Store than Play Store.

We would strongly suggest to use Android smartphone if you were to hack MEGA888 games. Android operating system is very user-friendly with less stricter protocol. Meanwhile, there’re many 3rd-party software that could be installed on Android phone to hack games.

There is also a number of hacking software claims to be able to do hacking for iPhone. From my point of view, many of them could be scam. Why not you just buy a Android phone for hacking purpose, while it only costs about few hundred ringgit?

Discover MEGA888 Hacking Software

How to get a useful hacking software? I would say there is always no guarantee on this. Last year, many was selling hacking software on the internet, such as Youtube, Facebook, Google, etc. The question is, which one is the genuine hacking software?

It’s important to do some homework before you start hacking. Just spend some time going through all the hacking software on sale, find out what they can do and what they can’t. List down all the pros and cons and do a thorough comparison. Only buy if you think the seller is trustworthy.

From some of the Youtube videos, it seems like a portable external device can perform hacking activities as well. All you need to do is to connect this device with your handphone and spin the reel. Can this really work? I would leave it to you to find out 🙂

Top MEGA888 Slot Games on the Hacking List

There’re many online gambling sites in Malaysia that offers MEGA888 slot games to players. Some of the gambling sites would restrict their players from playing certain slot games in MEGA888. These games are said to be easier to be hacked.

You must be very curious to find out these games by now. Let us take a look:

  1. Fish
  2. Monkey Thunderbolt
  3. King’s Derby (Kuda)
  4. Belangkai
  5. Bonus Bears

If you’re loyal MEGA888 players, you would probably need to play the games above to maximize your winning. Otherwise, you gotta be really careful if you’re a MEGA888 agent.

Is There Really A Need to Hack MEGA888?

If you were to ask me this, my answer is a BIG NO! MEGA888 offers a pretty high return rate to players. Why should you hack MEGA888 since it’s already so easy to win?

Of course, not everybody can win from the games. I would say most of it, over the long-term. The terminology of MEGA888 is to profit from the big players to compensate small players. Well, do not bet big if you wanna be those winning small players.

Another important thing is, the birth of MEGA888 is to offer players an effective way for recreation. You’re supposed to be relaxed during playing the slot games, but not putting all your money on one single bet. Trust me, there is no such thing as “GETTING RICH FROM GAMBLING”.

My last advice to you is: understand MEGA888, play MEGA888, and enjoy from MEGA888.

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