MEGA888 Casino | Advantages Of MEGA888 Casino Over Land Based Casino

The gambling industry has existed for a long period of time. The land-based casino is always the main gambling place for the people. In recent years, with the emerge of online casino, many players have switched from the land-based casino to play in the online casino. Due to the demand for online casino is increasing rapidly, many online casinos have emerged in the market. Therefore, the online casino industry has become more competitive than previous. Among all the online casino platforms in Malaysia, MEGA888 Casino is the most well-established online casino in the market. It is basically an online casino app which can be played on PC, tablet and mobile device.

Facts About MEGA888 Casino

MEGA888 Casino is an online casino app which emphasizes user-friendly experience.  The download and installation process for this app is totally free. Besides, it offers a wide variety of online casino games to the players. You can find plenty types of online casino games in the app such as slot games, table games, and video arcade games. The company will constantly add in new games to the app. So, players will never get bored at all in playing the app. Furthermore, there are always various types free credits offered to the players. Many players find the free credits very useful for them. However, like many other online casinos, players need to pay a certain amount of deposit in order to claim the free credits.

Advantages To Play In MEGA888 Casino

With so many players have switched playing from the land-based casino to play in MEGA888 casino, we will share some of the advantages for the players to play in MEGA888 online casino.

Low Minimum Bet

When you play in the land-based casino, the minimum entry bet can be quite high sometimes. It always depends on seasonality as well. During public holidays and weekends, the minimum bet in every casino games will become higher. This will be a disadvantage for those players who do not have a high bankroll to play. They could not even stay long in the game once they lose a few rounds. However, that is not the case in MEGA888. You can bet at any minimum amount that you like. There is no fixed minimum bet amount in most of the games. The minimum bet can be as low as RM1. Therefore, you do not need a high bankroll to play in the app.

Play All Casino Games In Just One Screen

In MEGA888 online casino, you can change to play other games with just a few clicks. It is more convenient compared to play in the land-based casino whereby you need to walk from one table to another table in order to play in different games. Besides, if you play MEGA888 on PC, you will be able to play a few games simultaneously which gives you the chance to win more money in short time.

Various Types Of Free Credits

When you become an MEGA888 player, you will get to enjoy all kinds of free credits in the app. The free credits available at the moment are the welcome bonus, loyalty free bonus, high roller free credits, referral free credits, festive season bonus and etc. All these free credits can be useful for players to build up their bankroll. The amount of free credits given by MEGA888 is even higher compared to other online casinos. While in the land-based casinos, players rarely get the free credits. Besides, many MEGA888 players like to use free credits to test out their betting strategies in the games in order to increase their winning odds.

High Winning Odds In Most Of The Games

This is the most attractive part of MEGA888. Most of the games in the app give higher winning odds to the players compared to the land-based casinos. Plenty of MEGA888 players get to win consistently in playing the games. The highest winning odds games are the slot games. Furthermore, MEGA888 has the most variety of slot games compared to other online casino platforms. Some veteran players will focus on the MEGA888 slot games with progressive jackpots, as they can win a massive payout from these slot games easily.


If you still yet to play in MEGA888 casino, you should consider to download it from the official website and try your luck in the app now!

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