MEGA888 Download iOS | Download MEGA888 iOS To Get Welcome Bonus

MEGA888 Download iOS Trend

In this modern era, many people own at least a smartphone. Many types of apps can be downloaded to the smartphone. Due to the high usage of the smartphone in our daily life, many online casino platforms have been available in the form of mobile device apps. MEGA888 app is one of the well-established online casino platforms in Malaysia. There are two types of MEGA888 download, one is the MEGA888 Download iOS and another one will be the MEGA888 Apk. MEGA888 Download iOS is designed for all Apple device while MEGA888 Apk is designed for all Android device. Among these two types of download, there are more players download the iOS version. We will discuss the reason for it in the later part of the article.

MEGA888 Download iOS Guideline

For those who still could not find the official download site for MEGA888, the download and registration link is available at the below. The download and installation guideline is included on the website. Before you download the app to your iPhone, please ensure that you have a stable internet connection and sufficient storage space on your mobile phone.

After you have downloaded the app and registered a new account, you can contact your MEGA888 agent to claim the welcome bonus and the test ID account. After that, you can log in to your account and start playing in the games with your free credits.

Advantages Of MEGA888 Download iOS

There are several reasons on why many players choose to play in the iOS version rather than the Android version.

Higher Winning Odds In MEGA888 iOS Version

Many MEGA888 players mentioned that playing MEGA888 in iPhone has higher chance to win compared to play in Android phones, especially in the slot games. When you play the popular MEGA888 slot games such as Dolphin Reef & Cookies Pop on iPhone, the winning odds are quite high compared to play the games on Android device. This applies to slot games with the progressive jackpot as well. Players who use their iPhone to play in the slot games with the progressive jackpot will get the higher chance to hit the progressive jackpot. Based on the slot games statistics in recent months, 70% of the progressive jackpot winners are the iPhone players.

Besides, many iPhone players also find their winning odds are higher in some of the table games such as Blackjack, Texas Hold’em and Baccarat. In fact, some of the Android players have switched to play the app in iPhones in order to increase their winning odds in the game.

Shorter Game Loading Time &  App Update Time

Whenever there is an update for the MEGA888 app. The iPhone will take a shorter time to complete the update compared to the Android phone. Even though both devices will have the same internet speed. The iPhone will still take the shorter time to complete the update. In terms of game loading time, iPhone will take a shorter time to load the game as well. Hence, iPhone players do not need to wait long when they want to switch to play in another game in the app. The reason behind this is because of the iPhone operating system are more suitable to support the MEGA888 app compared to Android device.

Recommended MEGA888 Games

In this section, we will share some popular MEGA888 games info to you. Most of these popular games have high winning odds and they are one of the main attractions to attract more players to join the app as members.


Blackjack has been a popular casino game in the gambling industry. Many players like to play this game in the land-based casinos. Now you can play this game in the MEGA888 app as well. In this game, you will compete for your card value with the house. You will be dealt 2 cards and the house will be dealt 2 cards. Whoever has the higher card value but must be below the value of 21, will win the game. If the summation of your cards value is more than 21, you will lose the game automatically.


If you are a new player in casino games, Sicbo is definitely your safest choice. The game-play is extremely easy compared to other casino games. You just need to predict the total value of 3 dices and place your bet accordingly.

Get Welcome Bonus In MEGA888 iOS Version

Now there is a deal for all the iPhone players, as long as you have been an MEGA888 player for more than 3 months and you are an iPhone player, you will be able to claim free credits of RM300. You need to pay the deposit first in order to claim the free credits. This is a limited time offer, don’t miss it!

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