MEGA888 Free Credit No Deposit | Get Instant Free Credits With Deposit In MEGA888

MEGA888 Free Credit No Deposit, True OR Not True?

There are many rumours regarding on the MEGA888 free credits system is categorised under MEGA888 Free Credit No Deposit system. This means that players do not need to pay any deposit to claim the free credits in MEGA888. In fact, some players even claim that there are unlimited free credits in the app. Based on my experience as an MEGA888 player, there is no MEGA888 Free Credit No Deposit system in the app. Whenever you want to claim free credits in the app, you need to pay a certain amount of deposit first. However, the amount of deposit is relatively little compared to the free credits you will get in return. Besides, there are many types of free credits available in the MEGA888 app, such as:

  • Loyalty Bonus
  • VIP Free Credits
  • Referral Free Credits
  • Welcome Bonus
  • Festive Season Free Credits

MEGA888 Free Credit No Deposit In Free Play Account

If you want to get the 918KISS Free Credit No Deposit in the app, you can get it in the free play account or known as the 918KISS test ID account. You do not need to pay the deposit to get the free credits in this account. In fact, you will get unlimited free credits on this account. When you have finished up all the credits in the test ID account, you can contact the 918KISS agent to top up free credits for you. There is no processing fee involved at all.

How To Get MEGA888 Test ID Account?

First of all, you need to register to become an MEGA888 player. Then you can contact the MEGA888 agent to claim the welcome bonus and get the free MEGA888 Test ID Account. The ID and password of the test ID account will be provided by the agent. Please take note that you are unable to transfer the free credits to other accounts. The credits in the test ID account are virtual credits, no real money involved at all in the account.

How To Utilise The Test ID Account?

There are many ways to utilise this account. Some players will use it to test out their betting strategies in this account. Since there is no real money involved in this account, it will not impact on their bankroll. While some new players will use the test ID account to familiarize the game rules of the game before they play in the real account. Some players who do not want to use their own money to play in the MEGA888 app, the test ID account is a good platform for them to enjoy all the MEGA888 games without using their own money.

How To Utilise MEGA888 Free Credits?

There are many ways to utilise the MEGA888 free credits to help you win money in the app. The most popular way is that players will accumulate all the free credits in the app first. Then use all the accumulated free credits to bet at maximum in the games. Generally, many players apply this tactic in the slot games with a progressive jackpot. Bet at maximum lines in the slot games with a progressive jackpot will give you the chance to win the progressive jackpot.

Some high roller players will use the free credits to play in the slot games which has high risk but high return. Therefore, their bankroll will not be impacted if they lose in the game. While they will get to build up their bankroll very fast if they win the game. Some new players will choose to use the free credits to familiarize the game rules in the MEGA888 games. Some lucky new players even get to win money just by using the welcome bonus.

Get Free Credits In MEGA888 Now

The Instant Free Credits deal is available in MEGA888 now. All MEGA888 players are eligible to claim this free credits. The good news is that you only need to pay RM10 as a deposit in order to claim the free credits worth RM50. As long as you have joined MEGA888 for more than 6 months, you will be able to claim this free credits. This deal is a one time off deal. You are not allowed to claim more than one time for this deal. This deal is a limited time offer, so don’t miss it!

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