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In this modern era, money is extremely important in our daily life. Without money, we cannot even survive in this world. Therefore, all of us always looking for ways to earn money as much as we can in our daily life. When there are ways to earn easy money, many people would love to do them. Playing Forex and stock investment appears to be some ways to earn easy money for some people. However, this is provided you are expert enough in the field. You will lose a lot of money if you do not have the skills in this field. MEGA888 Online is another alternative option for those who are eager to earn easy money. It is an online casino platform which allows players to play on their mobile devices.

The Popularity Of MEGA888 Online

Many people in Malaysia have played in this app with the purpose of winning easy money from the app. Hence, the popularity of MEGA888 Online has grown tremendously in recent years. Based on statistic record, many players managed to win money from the app consistently. Don’t be surprised if an ordinary player gets to win few thousands ringgit from the app consistently on monthly basis. This is a norm in MEGA888 Online. It has helped a lot of people to ease their financial burden and gives fun and excitement to them.

Based on recent news, the usage of this MEGA888 app has expanded to other South East Asia countries. Foreign players just need to have a smartphone with the internet connection to play in this app. All the credits and cash transfer process can be done online. It is extremely convenient for the foreign players as well.

Where To Download & Register This App

If you have not used this app before, you should give it a try. Before you can start playing in the app, you need to download and register a new account in the app first. The official download and registration site can be found at the icon below.

If you face any issues with the download and registration process, do look for the live chat team to assist you. Remember to claim your free credit as well upon successful registration. You need to pay a deposit in order to get the free credits.

How To Win Easy Cash From MEGA888 Online

For those who still do not know the way win easily from this app, you should not miss out this section. We will share out some of the tips here to help you to win easy money from MEGA888 Online consistently.

Make Full Use Of The Free Credits

In MEGA888 Online, you will get all kinds of free credits when you become the member of the app. The very first free credits you will get is the welcome bonus. Make full use of these free credits when you play in the game. Always use these free credits to play in the game first instead of using your own money. So that, it will not impact your own bankroll even you lose in the game. Playing with free credits also allow you to stay in the game longer and will eventually increase your winning chances in the long run.

Play In The Games With High Winning Odds

You will be wondering how some players get to win in MEGA888 Online easily and consistently at the same time. One of the main reasons is because they managed to pick the high winning odds games and just focus playing in these games. Furthermore, they do not need a huge bankroll to help them to win consistently in the game. Hence picking the high winning odds games to play is a very crucial tip here. Based on some feedback from the veteran players, the games with high winning odds are Dolphin Reef Slot, Cookies Pop Slot, Wukong Slot and Sicbo. Understand the game-play in these games and focus playing them will definitely help you to win easy money.

Switch Game Immediately When You Stop Winning

This is a very important tip to help you to win money from the app. All the games in MEGA888 Online are operated by Random Number Generator System. Hence, it is impossible that you can win in the game every round. There are sometimes, the game result will favor the house due to the RNG System behind the game. Therefore, you need to switch game immediately before you fall into the losing streak.


If you are looking for more winning tips, you can always try to find out more from your trusted agent. Some of the agents are also veteran players in MEGA888. They are always more than happy to share some of the secret winning tips with you. So, you should always maintain a good relationship with your agent.

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