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Many online casino players like to look for online casino app which offers free download and free registration. SCR888 Apk has always been the top choice online casino download for most of the players who use Android devices. SCR888 Apk is known as the SCR888 Android Package Kit, it is the SCR888 online casino download file for Android players. You can find the app in Google Play Store or at the official download website of SCR888. You do not need to pay a single cent to download this app. If you do not know the official download website of SCR888, you can access the download link below.


SCR888 APK Download Requirements

Before you start downloading the app from Playstore or official website, there are a few things that you should check out first in order to ensure smooth download process.

Sufficient Memory Space

You need to make sure that your phone has sufficient storage for the SCR888 app. The memory space of  SCR888 app is approximately around 150MB. Hence you need to clean up some inactive apps on your mobile device if you do not have sufficient space for the app.

Stable Internet Connection

This is a very important aspect. If you have a stable internet connection, you can complete the download process within 1 minute. Whereas unstable internet connection might prolong your download time.

Update Your Phone

Please make sure that you update your phone OS to the latest version. There are several players experienced downloading issue due to downloading the app in the older version of the phone OS in the past. Therefore, to ensure smooth download process, you are advised to update your phone OS to the latest version.

Healthy Battery Life

Make sure that your phone is in a healthy battery life before you start downloading the app.

Make Sure No Other Onlne Casino App

If you have other online casino apps on your mobile device, you are advised to clean it up before the download starts. Having multiple online casino apps in one mobile phone might cause data crash in the mobile device.


What SCR888 Apk  Offers To  Players

Free Credits

Firstly, when you join the app, you will be able to get a certain amount of welcome bonus from SCR888. You can claim the free credits from SCR888 Agent. You need to pay a certain amount of deposit to claim the free credits. After you join as an SCR888 player, you will get to enjoy various types of free credits as well such as VIP free credits, festive season free credits, referral bonus and etc.

SCR888 Casino Games

You will get to play in a wide selection of casino games in SCR888. There are different types slot games, table games, and video arcade games. If you are a slot game player, SCR888 Apk slot games are definitely your best choice. There more than 50% of the casino games in the SCR888 are slot games which are more than 150 types of slot games. You can find all the popular slot games in SCR888 such as Great Blue, Wukong Slot, Dolphin Reef and etc.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Besides, you can also find many progressive jackpot slots in the SCR888 app. In the progressive jackpot slots, you will get the chance to win big prizes from the slots. However, in order to increase your chances of winning, you need to bet at the maximum line in the progressive jackpot slot. So luck also plays a big part in this game.

Amazing Online Casino Environment

The gaming graphics and animations are fantastic in SCR888. You will feel amazed with the graphics and animations quality in the SCR888 casino games.


SCR888 Apk 2.0

There are rumors in the market that SCR888 Apk 2.0 will be available in the market soon. Many have mentioned that SCR888 Apk 2.0 comes with faster downloading time and more free credits amount. Besides, there will be more games available in the 2.0 version. However, there is no official announcement fro the company on the availability of SCR888 Apk 2.0. Hence, we shall stick with the current version first, since it is considered advanced and well-developed online casino app compared to other online casino apps.

Besides, you should beware on some websites which offer SCR888 Apk 2.0 download. Since there is no official announcement on the 2.0 version, those download apps are deemed as counterfeit.

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