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scr888 app

For those Malaysian who have been actively playing in the online casino in recent years, SCR888 App is a very familiar term for most of them. It is actually the leading online casino platform in Malaysia. SCR888 has offered numerous benefits to the players over the years. One of the main benefits that are the players always gets to win money from the app. The winning odds in the game are high compared to other online casino platforms. Besides, players have the option to bet on a very small amount. This has helped to reduce the players’ financial pressure when they play in the game.


Why SCR888 No Longer Exist On The Internet

Recently, many players feedback that they no longer able to find the SCR888 app download website. Hence, they are unable to download the app on their mobile device. Do not worry, SCR888 has just changed its name to become 918Kiss. The logo of SCR888 has changed as well. The purpose of name and logo changing is to upgrade the current features of the app. In the latest version of SCR888 or known as 918Kiss, the User Interface background color has become purple color and the logo become a big red sexy lip. The official download site has changed to become 918Kiss instead of SCR888.

If you existing SCR888 player, you do not need to download the 918Kiss app again on your mobile device. There will be an auto-update on your SCR888 app to change your app to become the 918Kiss app. Don’t worry, all your credits will still be in the account as usual. The update is just to change the user interface of SCR888 to 918Kiss and include the features of 918Kiss to your mobile device. You do not need to pay anything for this update.


The Difference Between SCR888 App & 918Kiss App

Since the 918Kiss App is the upgrade version of SCR888 App, we would like to share out the additional features 918Kiss App.

More Games Available

In 918Kiss App, the number of games has increased compared to SCR888 App. There are more famous and exciting casino games added in the latest version. Some of the newly added games are such as Wukong Slot, Pokemon Game, Belangkai and etc. Besides, the winning odds in these new games are high as well. It has provided more choices for the players to win money. Another good news to share is that the memory size of the 918Kiss app is the same as the SCR888 app despite there are more games in the latest version.

Winning Odds Become Higher

This statement is based on the feedback from the majority of 918Kiss players who also played in SCR888 before. The winning odds in the game has become higher whereby players no longer need to spend longer time to win money from the app. Besides, there are more slot games with the progressive jackpot added to the app. It gives more opportunity to win massive money from the app.

More Types Of Free Credits

Apart from having the welcome bonus and festive season free credits, there are more types of free credits offered to the players in 918Kiss. The new types of free credits added are the high roller free credits, VIP free credits, loyalty free credits and etc. Unlike the previous version, players now need to pay for deposit in order to claim the free credits. This is to ensure players will not waste the free credits and appreciate the free credits given.

Security & Safety System

Ever since the name change from SCR888 to 918Kiss, the security system has been upgraded as well. There has been no complaint from players that their accounts were being hacked. This shows that 918Kiss has the top-notch security system in the Malaysia online casino industry.  Besides, the 918Kiss feature also includes 100% cash out at any time.

Smoother Game-Play Graphics

In the version of 918Kiss, it offers better game-play graphics to the players. Compared to the previous version, 918Kiss has significantly improved on the gaming graphics in the app. There is no more laggy issue which occurs quite often in the previous version.



With so many additional features added to the version of 918Kiss, you should not worry anymore when downloading the 817Kiss app from the internet.


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