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SCR888 Free Credit

SCR888 Free Credit System, if you are an online casino player, you must have heard of this term before. It is the free credit system of a well-established casino website in Malaysia. SCR888 Free Credit offers many types of free credits to the players, such as loyalty program bonus, welcome bonus, referral bonus, VIP free credits and etc.  Other online casinos are not able to offer that many types of free credits to the players. The players need to pay a fixed deposit in order to claim the free credits in SCR888 online. All the free credits in SCR888 cannot be transferred from one account to another account and cannot be cashed out.

SCR888 Free Credit: Unlimited Free Credits System

If you are looking for an online casino which offers unlimited free credits, SCR888 Casino definitely fits your bill. Under SCR888 Test ID, you will get unlimited amount free credits to play in the games. The free credits can be used in all the casino games in SCR888. Once you have finished all the credits in the test ID account, you can contact the SCR888 agents to top up free credits for your account.

In order to get the test ID account, you need to register a new account first. The registration process is very simple ever since the SCR888 App 2.0 launched. You can register directly with the SCR888 agent or SCR888 live chat team. Upon successful registration, you can get the test ID account from the SCR888 agent. You do not need to pay anything for the test ID account.

There are a few things that you need to know about this test ID account. Firstly, there is no real money involved in this account. All the credits are virtual credits. You are not able to transfer the credits from your test ID to your actual account. All the free credits in test ID account only can be used in the account itself. You can place your bet at any level you like in the test ID account. As a test ID account owner, you are not supposed to share your account details with other players. Once SCR888 spotted a player shares his or her test ID account with other players, the test ID account will be confiscated immediately.

SCR888 Free Credit: Usage Of Test ID Account

A Platform For Practice & Master The Game Rules

If you are a new SCR888 player, you should utilize the test ID account to practice in the game that you wish to play in the app. You can use this platform to master the game rules as well. Since there is no real money in this account, it will be a safe and good platform for you to practice in the game. In fact, many SCR888 new players have utilized this platform to help them increase their winning odds in the game.

Test Betting Strategy In This Platform

Many experienced players will use this platform to test out different betting strategies.  Before they start using a new strategy in the actual game, they will test out the new strategy in the test ID account first. Therefore, the testing process will not impact on their own bankroll. Once they are confident enough to use this strategy, they will switch back to the actual game and apply the respective strategy. Many veteran players have used this approach to win money in SCR888.

A Safe Site To Enjoy The Fun Of Casino Games

For some players who do not intend to bet with real money, this is a very suitable platform for them. They are able to enjoy the fun of casino games and do not need to worry about losing their money in the game. In fact, some players do not dare to play in the SCR888 real game at the initial stage. After testing out the games in test ID account, it gives them the confidence to play in their actual account.

SCR888 Free Credits In The Future

The company has announced that there will be more types of free credits available in the SCR888 app. Besides, they are planning to remove the free credits with deposit system and replace with free credits with no deposit system in the future.

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