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SCR888 Free Download

For those who have played in SCR888 online casino for quite some time, the SCR888 Free Download is a familiar term for them. It is also one of the main attractive features of SCR888 online casino. The SCR888 Free Download is basically an official app download website of the SCR888 online casino. The free download features can support Android and iOS devices. Many players will download the app to their mobile device while some players will download it on the tablet.

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When you access to the SCR888 Free Download Website, you will find two download button on the website. The left-hand side is for the Android device download while the right-hand side is for the iOS device download. The download and installation steps are available on the website as well.  Once you have completed installing the app on your mobile device, you can proceed to register a new account at the link below.

The Popular Games In SCR888

There are a wide variety of games in SCR888. Once you downloaded the app from the SCR888 Free Download Website, you will get to enjoy all these exciting games in the app. There are 3 main categories of the game which are the slot games, table games, and video arcade game.

Slot Game

In the SCR888 app, the slot games occupied more than 50% of the total games. You will get to find many popular slot games in this app. Among all the slot games, Dolphin Reef and Wukong Slot are the most popular slot games at the moment. Both of them are the progressive jackpot slot. This means that you will have to chance to achieve a massive win in these slots. However, you need to bet at the maximum line in order to get the chance to win the progressive jackpot. So far, there are not many players managed to achieve that. However, the chances of hitting the progressive jackpot are higher in SCR888 compared to other online casino platforms.

Table Game

Table Game is also known as live dealer game in SCR888. Majority of the table game involved playing cards except for Sicbo and Belangkai. For those players who are the high roller and risk takers, table games are always their best choice. Table games also allow players to apply all kinds of betting strategies in the game. Among all the 3 categories of game, table games are considered as the most challenging type of casino games. In SCR888, Blackjack is the most popular table game. This is because of the game-play od Blackjack is relatively easier compared to other games and the winning odds in the game is relatively higher compared to other table games.

For beginners who are interested to play in the table games, it is advisable that you practice in the demo game first before play with your own bankroll. The winning odds will be very low if you do not familiar with the game rules and do not have any betting strategies.

Video Arcade Game

Video Arcade Game is a new type of casino game available in SCR888. Many young players like to play in the video arcade game. One of the popular video arcade games in the app is Pokemon. All the video arcade games come with an interesting story-line in the game. You will play the game at mission level. Once you win a mission, you will get to win some money. The more mission you accomplished, the more winning payout you will get.

SCR888 Free Download In PC

If you do not have an Android device or iOS device, you can still download the app on your PC. The additional step here is that you need to download the Nox Player Software on your PC first. The Nox Player will function as an emulator where you can download all the Android apps in this software. Once you have installed the Nox Player, you can proceed to download and install the SCR888 app by following the Android installation guide.

Even though most of the players prefer to play SCR888 games on their mobile devices, there are actually some benefits for the players to play the app in PC. For example, you will get to play in a bigger screen and better graphics in PC and you will be able to play in multiple games at the same time.


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