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scr888 kiosk

Nowadays, online gambling has become a common activity among the gamblers. This is due to many online casino platforms have emerged in the market.  Online casino gambling has a very convenient feature for the players which is they can play in the online casino on their mobile devices at anywhere and anytime. Many players have used to play in the online casino in Malaysia. Due to the high number of players joining the online casino membership, many popular online casinos have recruited more agents to service the players. One of the examples would be the SCR888 online casino. The agent in SCR888 is known as the SCR888 Trusted Agent. The SCR888 Kiosk is the agent online portal for the agents to manage their agent tasks.


Facts About SCR888 Kiosk

The SCR888 Kiosk can only be accessed by the SCR888 agents. The players are not able to access this portal. Basically, agents can perform a few tasks in this portal. First of all, they can help the players to top-up credits through this portal. When players have finished up their credits in their accounts, they can contact the agent to help them to top up credits. Upon receive payment from the players, the agents can top up the credits to their respective accounts.

The agents can utilize this portal to create the new accounts for the players. For those who want to register as SCR888 players, they can look for the agents as well. The agents will help them to create the new accounts after the players have provided the necessary information to them. Besides, agents can perform credit transfer within players’ accounts through this portal. For some players who have multiple accounts, they will always look for the credit transfer service provided by the agents.

Agents can give out free bonus and free credits to the players through this platform. If you want to claim any types of free credits from SCR888, the agents can definitely help you on this by utilizing the SCR888 Kiosk platform. After you have pay certain amount of deposit, the agent can transfer the free credits to your account.


SCR888 Kiosk To Prevent Fraud & Hack Activity

The most powerful part of SCR888 Kiosk is that agent can use it to track the players’ gaming performance and activities in the app. This is to help to reduce the fraud and hacking cases in SCR888. When the agent spotted suspected fraud activity in a player’s account through SC888 Kiosk, the agent has the right to ban or freeze the respective account immediately. If the fraud or hacking case is serious, the agent needs to report to the company immediately by showing the fraud report generated in SCR888 Kiosk.

Besides, the agent can also use this portal to identify the active players and high roller players in the app. From there, they can discuss with the company to offer the high roller bonus and the loyalty program free credits to these potential players. This will help to retain the customers to continue to play in this app.


How To Earn Money By Becoming SCR888 Agent

For your information, when you become an official SCR888 agent, you will get a certain amount of fixed pay on monthly basis. Other than the fixed pay, there are other ways to earn money in the agent job.

Find New Players

When you as an agent get to recruit new players to register in the app. You will get paid on the commision basis. When you recruit more players, you will get more commission in return. This is not a difficult task for the players because the SCR888 casino has been a famous online casino brand and many casino players have heard of this brand before. Hence, it is not hard to convince more players to join the app.

Offer More Free Credits To Eligible Players

When players want to claim the free credits, they will need to pay a certain amount of deposit first. In this case, the agents will get commision as well from giving out the free credits to the players.

Become SCR888 Player At The Same Time

Another secret way to earn more as an agent is becoming the SCR888 players at the same time. You can play in the app and win money as well. You will be more advantageous if you are an agent and player at the same time because you will able to observe other players betting strategies through SCR888 Kiosk. From there you can apply the strategies in your game and win the game.



The SCR888 Agent job is actually quite good compared to other jobs in the market. If you are looking for a job, you should definitely consider this job.


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