Win from MEGA888 – 3 Secret Tips That No One Will Teach You

Win from MEGA888 on a Weekly Basis

If there is someone telling you that they can teach you how to win from MEGA888 on a daily basis, you gotta be extra careful. Very likely he is a conman. It’s quite impossible to do so. Unless he is the founder of MEGA888 – Michael Tan.

Nonetheless, it’s been proven that we can actually win from MEGA888 on a weekly basis. It’s achievable. But, how to do that?

There are rumours saying that MEGA888 is hack-able. Do you believe that? Quite a number of people are selling MEGA888 hacking devices out there. A lot of “Gurus” are sharing their “tips” on how to hack MEGA888. Until now, there is still no proven case that someone can actually hack the game.

However, there are loopholes in every single slot game product. Just remember this.

Secret 1: Unbelievable Loopholes in MEGA888

Some industry experts have discovered the loopholes in MEGA888. As a matter of fact, there is a repetitive pattern that can be found in almost any slot game in the world. Only observant people can discover that pattern. It’s not quite apparent.

How does the pattern look like? Well, pattern would not be identical in different slot games. So, it could take years for experts to discover pattern in a single slot game. Typically, same pattern of spin result could come out after a certain number of spins. What experts normally look for is something like the following:


Each of the alphabet above represent a single spin result. As you can see from the pattern above, if you can master the spin result from the pattern, you can certainly win consistently from MEGA888!

Unbelievable Loopholes in MEGA888
Unbelievable Loopholes in MEGA888

However, how do experts normally discover these patterns? A common method for calculating the pattern would be to use Linear Regression Analysis to predict the spin results. That involves pretty complex mathematical formulas to calculate a large amount of historical spin results.

Thanks to the rapid advancement in technology, experts can now rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to calculate faster? What exactly is AI? It’s about the usage of computing power to replace mankind to solve highly complicated mathematical issues. Now, we can deploy AI technology in our protocol, in order to discover pattern within shortest possible timeframe.

As normal online casino player in the market, how do we obtain such pattern to increase our chances to win? Well, you gotta be close with online casino operators. Some of these operators have a large team of experts who can perform in-depth analysis to discover spin result pattern. If you’re one of their VIP customers, they might offer you such valuable tips.

Secret 2: Payday Golden Week

What actually is a “Payday Golden Week”? It’s the week starting from payday – 25th of every month. It’s when you can expect high winning payout from MEGA888. The term “Payday Golden Week” was first mentioned during an exclusive personal interview with Michael Tan, by (a daily blog news for MEGA888).

It’s highly advisable to increase your stakes during Payday Golden Week. This would help to maximise your return from online gambling. But, why MEGA888 wants to offer the Payday Golden Week?

As everyone knows, there is fierce competition amongst slot game products in Malaysia. There is just too many options in the market. As such, this is one of MEGA888’s strategies to maintain its leading position in the market. MEGA888 hopes its players would tend to play its slot games when they first get their salary. A higher winning payout would help to retain players. This is obviously a smart marketing strategy.

But, why 25th of every month? The fact is 90% of MEGA888 players is bumiputera players, and most of them work for government. The salary of a government servant is paid on 25th of every month. This is why 25th has been chosen as the beginning day for the Payday Golden Week.

The key takeaway here is you can actually increase probability to win if you increase stakes during Payday Golden Week. It doesn’t mean you can only play during that particular week. You can also win lucratively outside of Payday Golden Week. What you need to do is to combine all the mentioned betting strategies to work out the best solutions, to maximise your online gambling profits.

Secret 3: Increase Your Bet Gradually to Win from MEGA888

Most of the casino players hope to get mega big win with small bet. Well, this is very common. Nonetheless, you can’t maintain the same bet amount in playing MEGA888. That won’t lead you to big win.

In fact, there is a technique in adjusting your bet amount. Let’s start with small bets, say RM0.50-RM1 per bet. Then slowly increase your bet amount day by day. Try to maximise your bet amount around end of the week. If you start betting cycle on Tuesday as the first day, you should be playing with maximum bet amount around the next Sunday and Monday.

Combining this little technique with some other online betting strategies, you should be able to reap satisfying return from MEGA888. Some people would suggest erratic bet amount throughout betting cycle. This might rarely work sometimes, but it appears to be not an effective betting strategy anyway.

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