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SCR888 is the best slot game I ever play before. I love playing SCR888!
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Boss, can teach how to win scr888?
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free review


free review


Hack scr888 Top up creditqs
- Roy


Hack scr888 Top up creditqs
- Roy has been one of best mobile slot game providers in Malaysia. We only provide you online slot games with the best quality.

Throughout the years, we have accumulated countless hands-on experience in relation to mobile slot gaming industry. Thousands of players depend on our honest and reliable reviews to choose what is the best for them to gamble.

You may, or may not follow those which are recommended by us. Nonetheless, MEGA888 could be the last slot game you ever want to miss in Malaysia.

For the past two years, MEGA888 has been the top pick of all time. Despite new entrants like XE88 and PUSSY888, MEGA888 still manage to make its headway to the No.1 mobile slot game in Malaysia.

Easy-to-win could be the best feature of MEGA888. Nearly 90% of its players succeed to win from the games. Be it paid- or free credit, MEGA888 players can always enjoy endless winning experience all the time.

This is also why you should really try out this game. In Malaysia, slot games have been the top favourite amongst different ethnic groups like Malay, Chinese, and Indian. Slot game is also one thing that really brings us together into unity.

Just for your information, we do provide detailed guidance on how to download MEGA888 on Android/IOS in some of our posts. Besides, we ain’t gonna teach you how to hack the MEGA888 slot games, but we would also share with you some of the most fruitful tips that are leaked from the insiders and professional players to increase your chances of winning.

MEGA888 Has Become The No.1 Slot Game in Malaysia

Before the entrance of MEGA888, yes, MEGA888 used to be the most played mobile slot game in Malaysia. In January 2018, it has been announced that MEGA888 is discontinued, and it will be replace with the new MEGA888. 

Unfortunately, we gotta admit the fact that MEGA888 has gone. MEGA888 has taken over all slot game players from MEGA888. It is also now the No.1 mobile slot game in Malaysia.

Available in both Android APK and iOS version, players can easily download the game on their mobile devices. The majority of MEGA888 players has switched over to the new MEGA888. However, some of the players have decided to switch to other slot games, such as 3Win8, NTC33, LPE88, Rollex, LeoCity88, etc.

Easy Steps to Start Playing MEGA888

Many people know about MEGA888, but some of them do not have a clue how to start playing it properly. You gotta bear in mind that you can only win money by properly downloading the game application. Without doing it properly, you might be exposed to certain risks:

  • Having downloaded fake game version
  • spread computer viruses or even trojan to your phone
  • unable to play some of the most popular games from MEGA888

Therefore, it’s kinda important for you to learn how to start playing MEGA888 properly. Just follow several steps as per below to kick start your winning journey:

  1. Visit
  2. Read through our free MEGA888 installation guide carefully, follow the guidelines to download for MEGA888
  3. Study free winning tips shared by to increase your chances to win
  4. Start playing MEGA888 slot games!
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